Daniel Chomski (York Factory)


York Factory, Manitoba

York Factory was a settlement established in 1671 and one of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s first trading posts. York Factory was at the centre of two different relationships that provided the impetus for a constitution for Canada. Throughout its 286 years in operation the trade post exchanged hands between France and Great Britain as they battled for control over the North American fur trade. York Factory also played a role in developing European-First Nation relationships. During its first century in existence the trade post operated by drawing First Nations, such as the Swampy Cree, to the outpost for trade. York Factory closed in 1957 and is now a National Historic Site of Canada.

Coordinates: 57° 0′ 9.8″ N, 92° 18′ 17.3″ W

Google Maps Link: http://bit.ly/2f6c3I7

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