Laurie and Glen (Place du Canada)

Place du Canada, Montreal

Talk about a place steeped in Canadian constitutional history!  Named “Dominion Square” after the first four provinces that joined Confederation in 1867, then renamed “Place du Canada” or “Canada Square” in honour of Canada’s Centennial in 1967, this impressive square has been a gathering place for Montrealers and Canadians for over 100 years.  Sir John A MacDonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, keeps watch from his platform at the northern end of the square.  Perhaps most significant of all, Place du Canada was where about 100,000 Canadians gathered in October 1995 in the face of the impending Referendum vote for a Unity Rally to celebrate a vision of a united Canada that includes Quebec.  Those of us in Montreal at the time will be forever marked by both the fears and excitement of that year, when our country’s very existence was once again at stake.  

45.4985° N, 73.5690° W

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