Dylan Williams & Margot Young (Insite)

Insite facility in Vancouver BC

Professor Margot Young’s UBC Allard School of Law students on a tour of Insite, North America’s first legally sanctioned supervised safe injection site.  The threat of federal re-criminalization of the drug injections and supervision that goes on inside this facilities launched Canada (Attorney General) v. PHS Community Services Society.  The case provides first year Constitutional Law students with an introduction to the flow of full constitutional argument: federalism and Charter law.  It also serves as a fascinating study in how Charter rights reflect and, in turn, shape the space of our cities and urban society.  Key constitutional sites are all around us.  Nowhere is this more visible and striking than Insite, with a crowd of law students inside the injection room.

Coordinates: 49°16’53.2″N and 123°06’04.5″W”

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