Robert Di Battista (The Famous Five)



The Famous Five – “Women are Persons!”

Depicted are two members of the Famous Five, Nellie McClung and Irene Parlby. Together with Henrietta Edwards, Louise McKinney and Emily Murphy, they petitioned the Canadian Government to put forward a reference case to the Supreme Court of Canada, commonly referred to as the Persons Case. This is a famous Canadian Constitutional case that decided the word ‘Persons’ in the Constitution Act, 1867 included female persons, making women eligible to sit in the Canadian Senate.  The Persons Case is also renowned for the Supreme Court’s discussion of the “living tree doctrine,” which states the Constitution is organic and should interpreted liberally to adapt it to changing times.

Artist: Barbara Paterson

Location: Parliament Hill, 111 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Latitude:45° 25′ 29.31″ N
  • Longitude:-75° 41′ 57.24″ W

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