Spencer Gold (24 Sussex Drive)


24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON K1N 1M4

Sussex Drive is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada. In 1943, the federalgovernment used its power of expropriation to claim ownership of the house, in order toconsolidate public ownership of the lands on the shore of the Ottawa River. In 1951, Louis St.Laurent became the first Prime Minister to take up residence at the house, and since then everyCanadian Prime Minister has lived at this address during their time in office, except for KimCampbell and Justin Trudeau. While the Prime Minister’s office is not located at 24 SussexDrive, the house has been visited by significant heads of state, including Queen Elizabeth II andWinston Churchill. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be moving back into his childhoodhome if and when he moves into 24 Sussex Drive, but he has for the time being chosen to livewith his family at Rideau Cottage in order to allow renovations to take place.

Google Maps Coordinates: 45.444348°N 75.693934°W24

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