Liz Kabesh (MacDonald-Cartier Statue)

MacDonald-Cartier Statue, Ottawa Airport

At the Ottawa Airport there is a statue of two friends who were instrumental in the creation of our country. Sir John Alexander Macdonald an English Speaking Leader, and Sir George Etienne Cartier, a French leader, were both Fathers of Confederation who had the goal of uniting the provinces. This particular pairing is credited with helping bring Quebec into Confederation even though the Province was skeptical and required motivation to buy on to the plan of these men. This commemorative statue represents an important constitutional relationship that brought together the French and English to create our country and brought their interests together when drafting of the Constitution Act 1867.

Location of Statue: This is located in the arrivals/baggage claim area at the Ottawa International Airport (1000 Airport Parkway Pvt.) .I have included a picture of the google map location for the airport as well as a floor plan on the exact location of the statue.

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